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Installation of ActiveX Controls in Delphi 2005 and 2006

Borland Delphi 2005 and 2006 include a component import wizard for installing ActiveX controls. Unlike in earlier versions of Delphi where the use of this wizard was straightforward, the new wizard is difficult to use and does not result in the control being available in the Tool Palette unless a very strict procedure is followed. This procedure does not appear to be documented in the Delphi help, so for the benefit of users of ActiveX controls, we have documented it here.

The procedure is shown step by step, with screenshots, and shows how to install the trial version of our TwainControlX control. However, the procedure should be applicable to any ActiveX control.

Step 1: Create a new package for the component

From the menu select 'File / Package - Delphi for Win32'.

New package

Rename and save the package using 'File / Save Project As'.

Save package 1

Save package 2

Step 2: Import the component

From the menu select 'Component / Import Component'.

Import component

Choose the option 'Import ActiveX Control' and click Next.

Import Wizard 1

A list of registered ActiveX controls is now displayed. Select the required control and click Next.

Import Wizard 2

Click Next again. The palette page can be changed if required which will determine the Category in the Tool Palette that is used, but it is recommended to keep the default Category of ActiveX.

Import Wizard 3

Select 'Add unit to [package name] project' and click Finish.

Import Wizard 4

Step 3: Install the package

In the Project Manager pane, right-mouse-click on the package name and select Install. Delphi should now display a message confirming that the package is installed. Click OK. Save the package using 'File / Save'.

Install package


Step 4: Check the ActiveX control is installed

Open an existing application, or start a new one, so that the Tool Palette is displayed. The newly installed control should be available for use in the ActiveX Category.

ActiveX control available


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